Exodus MC - De kristne bikere

Exodus is a Christian biker club that doesn't shies back for anything.

We believe in the Almighty God, who created heaven, earth and all life here on. When God is with us, what have we to fear?

Exodus do not want to knock the other clubs in the head with moral and long dry sermons. We will show that to be a Christian does not have to be boring, quite the contrary.If you are a Christian, driven by God's Holy Spirit, you live an exciting and peaceful life.

In addition to the community when the silver (Harley) have to be polished, we have close spiritual community, which is a high priority on club meetings.We bless and pray for each other and it helps to strengthen our friendship.

Exodus began in the spring of 1998, and we want to give glory to God in everything.

In 2016 Exodus Mc became a part of the biker coalition in Denmark.

Exodus MC - De kristne bikere

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